Tokidoki-Little Terrors 盲盒

活動商品 活動商品
原價 $290
原價 $290 - 原價 $290
原價 $290
售價 $255
$255 - $255
售價 $255

- List price is for one character only
- Each blind box contains one character sealed in a silver foil bag
- Each figure stands at approximately 2.85 inches high (7.2cm)
- Paper insert listing all of the characters in this collection is included
- Characters in this series include: Little Terror, Kid Kong, Lil' Vampire, Tiny Terror, Lil' Meatball & Peperino (Chaser!), Little Jaws, Little Bad Wolf and Little Vandal
- Recommended for Ages 8+

注意! 三歲以下孩童/無法分辨食物與玩具之孩童請勿接觸